superhero fun run

for our first summer fun event we signed up for the children's healthcare superhero fun run!  i use the term "fun" loosely.  the only part they thought was fun was the dressing up part.  we were so excited to get there and see everyone dressed up, but not so excited to walk forever to get to the fun run (our bad, we parked on the wrong side of piedmont park, which is huge), definilty not excited to run a mile in the hot humid june temps, and definilty not fun when one falls as soon as the race starts and scrapes her tiny knees.  but...all said and done, we had fun, the kids looked super cute and it was all for a good cause and sponsored by our favorite children's hospital that we are so grateful for but would rather not see the inside of ever again (unless it's for our robotics therapy, which we love!).

my little superheroes.  i wish i had a "post" race picture to show the true feelings of the day but oh well.

fun run2

fun run3

fun run4

andrew and carson finishing the race.  super proud of my batman.  he was the only one who didn't complain or cry at some point.

fun run6