“If ever there is tomorrow when we're not together there is something you must always remember, you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. But the most important thing is, even if we're apart I'll always be with you.”

~Winnie the Pooh


she loves to swim

i love this little video from our trip to florida for thanksgiving.  we had been in the car for 9 hours and the second she saw the pool she jumped right in.  the girl loves the water!


santa!!! i know him!

this year we were lucky enough to be at a birthday party with the real santa!  thank you john henry for being born on christmas day!!  the boys were super excited to learn that santa was invited and that he was able to come celebrate.  thank you to renata and kc for helping us skip the mall santa this year, much appreciated.

one person who was not too excited to see the big guy was miss shelby.  she was not having it, not one bit.  we tried three times to get a picture without the look of pure terror and fear on her face.  she wouldn't even let me walk past the guy without sticking out her bottom lip.  we did finally sneak one picture with santa on one side and shelby on the other just as he was about to leave.  it was pretty funny though.  hopefully we haven't scarred her for life.

brooks was in awe with santa at the party.  he saw him pull out his iPhone to check something and said to me, "mom, santa has an iPhone???"

and then the real fun begins...


get me out of here now!

still crying

i'm ok as long as that guy doesn't look at me


what i learned from this thanksgiving...

well, we finally made it home from our thanksgiving trip.  it took exactly 12 hours to go what usually takes about 9.  those extra 3 hours were super fun with a 14 month old who was screaming to get out of her seat and a 5 year old who had a fever and was the latest victim of the stomach bug.  here are some interesting things i learned while on our little "vacation."

1.  taking a child to universal studios with the stomach bug is not fun.  not fun at all.  poor carson was the first to be hit with "the curse" and the poor thing was pitiful.  i had this whole awesome surprise of taking the boys to universal studios and staying at the hard rock hotel.  well, one of them had a good time and it wasn't carson.  this is how he spent his afternoon at the pool.

not really what i had in mind.  he didn't even notice when it started raining on him.  poor kid.  the next morning we were up bright and early hoping that he felt ok.  not so much.  this leads to my second thing i learned.

2.  the custodial staff at universal studios doesn't get paid enough.  i won't go into the nasty details but after riding minion mayhem, the ride we had been waiting for.  the ride we got to the park early so that we could get on it first, carson wasn't feeling so great and may of trusted himself to pass some gas a little too soon.  my sister had him in the bathroom trying to clean up a little and the you-know-what hit the fan.  or i should say floor.  it all hit the floor.  all of it.  i had no problem finding them when i came into the bathroom.  i tried my best to clean up but the sweet custodian told me to leave it all that she would get it.  thank you, thank you, thank you.  

3.  universal studios is really fun.  after the little mishap in the beginning carson really rallied and we were able to enjoy (mostly) the rest of the day. 

finally a smile.  carson is not a huge fan of rides but he liked this one!

i look horrible but who cares!  we got soaked on the last few rides we went on.   the day was a success and they had a blast.  

a big thank you to aunt megan who went above and beyond her auntly duties.  

4.  if one kid gets sick on a vacation to the beach all of them will end up getting it at some point.  the next to be hit with the cure was poor shelby.  she was just pitiful for two days and then a little beast after that.  poor thing pooped out her diaper so much it got in her hair (i just happened to be out when this little treat happened, thank goodness).  i was on the receiving end of a nice projectile vomiting though so that was fun.  little thing was running such a high fever and just did not want to move.  it was selfishly nice to have her just lay on me and snuggle.  she is not a snuggler at all so to have her lay with us was nice.  but sad because she was so sick.  

brooks was the last to be hit.  his came just as we were hitting the road to go home at 6:30 in the morning.  nothing like riding home with the faint smell of vomit in your car.  good times.  and of all three he is by far the worst one when sick.  he already is pretty "needy" but when he's sick he is extra needy.  bless his heart is all i have to say.  bless his heart.  

5.  i wouldn't of survived the vacation if not for my mom.  don't get me wrong, we all came through at clutch times but three kids sick back to back to back isn't easy or fun.  we had a constant load of laundry running at all times trying to make sure the funk didn't spread.  sadly, when you're all staying in one condo it's nearly impossible.  i'm not sure my mom saw daylight but i was able to get out, do some shopping and go to the pool and tiki bar.  thank goodness for the tiki bar!  

6.  watching my parents try to play the game, heads up, is hilarious.  i mean tears rolling down our faces funny.  just think of them trying to convey pole dancing without talking.  hilarious.  thank you ellen degeneres for that game.  it's now a family favorite.  

7.  when a 9 hour trip turns in to a 12 hour ride from hell i want to scream and cry just like the kids.  holy cow that was miserable.  the last hour was spent trying to console brooks in the back who started asking at about mile 2 when we would be home and shelby who was not happy to still be in her carseat.  thank goodness for my sweet little carson.  at one point we stopped to go the bathroom (we did this a lot on this trip) i asked him if he needed to go.  his reply, "no, i can just wait till we get home."  that kid.  of course 5 miles down the road he had to pee. 

8.  i love my kids more and more every day.  even when i have cleaned up all kinds of bodily fluids off the floor, themselves and even myself, i still love them.  i love seeing the three of them together.  i love seeing each one's little personality add to the dynamic of our family.  i'm amazed at the three little lives we have been blessed to call our own while we are here.  even when they are sick and needy and whiny on a thanksgiving vacation to the beach.  these three little people are amazing.  


i blinked and this started happening

so we blinked and shelby started walking.  it happened so fast.  she was crawling one day and the next this was happening.  she looks so big now that she's vertical and wandering around the whole house.  she is such a sweet baby girl.


happy halloween

another halloween has come and gone.  the boys look forward to it for months, getting to dress up and run around asking for candy (well, carson really only likes to dress up.  he's not a huge fan of going door to door in the cold when we have a perfectly good bowl of candy at home where there is heat and a couch.  i'm pretty sure he inherited that from me).  this year we had several costume changes.  both boys got to dress up for their school parade and then came home for a quick costume change to go out trick or treating.  all in one day we had mike wazowski,  super mario, tinker bell, darth vador, luigi back to mike wazowski and a peacock.

mike wazowski going to school

cutest little mario around!

hard to get a shot of our little peacock.  she doesn't sit still for long.

sweet girl

ready to trick or treat!

we made a quick trip to a pumpkin patch the day before halloween so the boys could say that they got to go.  it was kinda nice because we were the only ones there.  i guess most people get to one a little sooner than the day before.  what can i say, we're lucky we made it to one at all!

my little pumpkins


sweet girl looks like a little linus from peanuts with her dingy blanket she carries around

love this little face.

and then the next day it was time for the adults to get out of the house.  we had a wedding to go to downtown that was so much fun.  it was nice to get out and play dress up like real people do.  i even took a shower and did my hair, which quite honestly doesn't happen ofter these days.  

with my dad.  where's my mom you ask?  she was inside watching the auburn game on the iPad.

so this is how andrew spent most of the reception.  our game was on and it was a close one.  he had his ear piece in and his phone on the whole time.  true auburn fan.  war eagle.


go padres!

so, another t-ball season has come to an end.  yes, it was only our second season but i feel like we've been playing forever now.  between practices and games all weekend long and even some late night school night games i'm exhausted.  our little t-baller has really been transformed from a kid who could have cared less to one who told me he wanted to hit one, and i quote, "out of the park."  ok little one, let's just worry about hitting it out of the infield for now.  he really has improved though.  his throwing has gotten light years better (he throws left handed) and his hitting has gotten even better (he bats right, don't ask, we can't figure it out).  as long as he has something to work for like a trip to taco mac or ice cream after a hit, he's good to go.

his sweet little team was really good though.  they all worked together really well (the 3 kids who consistently hit home runs didn't hurt either) and through some really hard work they made it to the t-ball championship game.  i gotta say, most of the time i was pretty calm, except for the time brooks was up to bat and the bases were loaded.  thank God he hit his first triple that day!  other than that i was of the mind frame that as long as he tried he did a good job.  not this game though.  for some reason i really wanted to win.  maybe it was my inner competitive spirit coming out.  other than a good board game our boys could really care less about wining a game.  brooks really only cares about the snack and running around the field like a wild man after the game is over.  but this night was different.  i even went out and bought him new cleats with the hopes it would help him run faster than the slow mo speed he's been running.

i'll be darned if this kid didn't play like it was his mission along with all the other boys on the team.  they were making outs one after another (not our brooks, he still spends most of his time out in right field spinning around in circles.  but, he does back up first base like nobody's business).  it almost felt like that old book, casey at the bat.  his first two at bats he ended up hitting off the tee but running at lightening speed.  so fast that the parents on our team who know how he runs were all floored he ran so fast!  new shoes clearly did the trick.  but it was his third at bat that was the game changer, for brooks anyway.  he cracked a coach pitch harder than he ever has.  i honestly don't even know what base he ended up on i was jumping up and down with so much excitement.  my baby had hit the ball and hit it hard!  all of the time and exhaustion was worth it to see his sweet little face come in to the dugout after all those high fives from his coaches.  and in the end we were the champions.  the padres won 18-7.  it was an amazing game.  gotta love some baseball under the lights.

look at that sweet little #13.  what a doll.  

go padres!

getting his trophy
IMG_4262 from Lauren Hess on Vimeo.


almost walking

well, she hasn't quite taken off yet but she's getting there.  miss shelby is just as stubborn as her older brothers and wants to do things her way.  even though she's been taking steps they just aren't fast enough for her so she drops to her knees and crawls at lightning speed to where she wants to go.  usually to my pant leg to pull on it so i'll pick her up.  here's a little video of her trying out her sea legs the other night before a bath.  hence, the diaper look.  oh, and please excuse the mess behind her.   when i grow up i want to be organized and clean.  till then we'll just have to live with it.