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summer is gone...

i swear i was just getting the boys of the bus on the last day of school back in may.  how is it already august, and how are they already back in school.  summer went by too.  fast.  way too fast.  i'm not gonna lie.  i am a summer loving mom.  sure, the days can seem longer but not when you get to sleep in almost every day.  my kiddos are trained well.  the boys wake up and go into the playroom and play quietly till i hear shelby and have to get up with her, which usually isn't till about 9.  it was glorious sleeping in.  some days i'd wake up early and get my coffee but then i'd think, what the heck am i doing?  go back to bed, woman!  thinking back on what we did at first i thought we really didn't go a whole lot, but then looking at all the pictures and videos on my phone, we actually were pretty busy.  how else did summer just fly by?  here is a quick recap of all that we did, which most of it consisted of swimming in the pool and hanging out inside.  i sure d…

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