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11 years

today makes it 11 years since we held you in our arms and told you it was ok to go, you didn't have to hold on anymore, we would be ok and that we would see you again.  living this life always feeling like we are missing one is hard.  everything feels just a little bit incomplete.  but don't worry, your siblings make life busy enough that we get through the days, weeks, months and now 11 years.  we miss you more than words can describe, more than our hearts can handle but we know that in everything your one older brother (just by a few minutes, i always imagined you two arguing about that), one younger brother (even though he has to be first with everything we do...someone needs to remind him he's actually not the oldest) and your baby sister (who i know you would of loved and protected just like your twin does every day) in everything they accomplish you are with them.  we love you sweet boy in heaven more than words can describe.  as much as i wish i never had to say it,…

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