“If ever there is tomorrow when we're not together there is something you must always remember, you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. But the most important thing is, even if we're apart I'll always be with you.”

~Winnie the Pooh


my little princess...and her princessses

shelby loves a good princess.  in fact, she loves 10 of them.  she loves to pull them out of a bag, say their names then line them all up.  today at the dentist she clutched her bag of princesses like they were going to save her life.  when the dental assistant asked to see them she proudly pulled one out and said her name with the sweetest toddler voice.  the girl loves her princesses.  and i love mine. 

checking out her hard work.  they all have to be in just the right place.

all her ducks in a row

cinderella, pocahontas, jasmine, merida, rapunzel, belle, ariel, tiana, snow white and aurora

and my little princess.  look at that sweet face.  i could die. 


new house, same routine

we may be in a new house but these three sweethearts are still exactly the same.  lucky for us, we moved into a neighborhood with tons of kids.  even though it is very small there are lots of little ones running around.  this is beyond perfect for our brooks.  he is constantly on the move.  always wanting someone to play with, run around with, wrestle with.  you get the idea.  his older brother humors him for a little bit but carson has other things on his mind.  right now that includes any and all superheroes.  and forget shelby.  brooks wants nothing to do with her when it comes to playing because heaven forbid she actually touches one of his things.  we have found all kinds of stuff that he has hid all over the place in an attempt to keep his sister's sticky fingers off!  and of course, what does shelby want to do?  touch all his stuff.  we do it while he's at school.  shhh, don't tell. 

playing with his new superhero legos.


it's not easy to catch brooks with the camera.  he is on a mission to not take a good picture so i have to sneak up on him.  this is what we do on a daily basis.  look for friends to play with.  i didn't know andrew as a kid but i'm told this is him to a T.  fortunately, we have several boys around us that are between the two boys in age.  it works out perfectly.

brooks at door

and my little miss.  always getting in to something or finding a new pair of shoes to change into.  we carry several pairs with us wherever we go just in case we need to switch it up.

shelby rainboots

and just so we don't forget about her, bo has found her favorite spot in the house.  if andrew has a fire going outside this is where you will find both of them.  don't try to use the footstool though, that's bo's spot.

bo on porch1

bo girl.  drives me nuts most of the time but how could you not love this face?
bo on porch2




i'm already off to a bang with my new year's resolution.  it's already 11 days into the new year and this is the first post i'm writing.  every christmas my mom prints my blog from the past year and has it put into a book.  as i was putting the latest edition on the shelf i realized they have gotten skinnier and skinnier over the years.  the last few are super model skinny.  and that's not good.  i realize that not that many people read this much anymore and that's ok.  some of you check in from time to time and that's great.  every once in a while i'll post it to good old facebook and it'll get seen by more than usual.  but the reason i keep this blog going is not for everyone who reads it, it's for me and one day my kids.  i was a bad mom and never started any kind of baby book for any of my kids.  and let's face it, a few of mine have had more than just the usual baby's first crawl, walk, word kind of life.  i did a good job way back then keeping up with everything but as things usually happen, i've dropped the ball on keeping up with what's been going on with the hess family.  so here's hoping i can keep this new year's resolution going all year long so that my printed version isn't so sad looking! 

2015 was the year of all good things.  january started with a trip to texas for carson to get his spml surgery.  all i can say is, wow.  what a difference a year makes.  this kid has made such great strides (literally) with his walking and flexibility.  it's just amazing to see the difference and improvements he has made.  not for lack of hard work though,  he has worked very hard with his therapists and at home.  we are so proud of him and love seeing him just be himself!


words to live by

february-april brought lots of change as we sold our first house, the only one we have ever known, and made the decision to build our new home in the school district we wanted our kids to grow up in.  best.  decision.  ever.  hands down.  i'm not sure where we would be if we hadn't decided to sell our house and have it ready in one week to put on the market.  it was sad to say goodbye to our first house but we knew all good things were coming our way.

our last family picture on the front steps.  pretty much sums up the moving process.  looks fun, doesn't it? 

1697 deerhaven

 april-august flew by.  with selling the house but building our new one we were kind of homeless.  so, we (and by we, i mean all 5 of us and our 80 lb dog) moved in with my parents.  as crowded as we were it went by fast and we are forever grateful to have had a place to stay with 1/3 of our stuff.  don't worry mom and dad, i won't post pictures of what it looked like.  let's just say we have a lot of stuff.  it was everywhere.  but the kids got to experience what it was like to grow up in good old cedar creek.  one of the best neighborhoods ever.  

this hill was the best
Best hill ever. It looks just like I remember it as a kid. #childhoodhome #allgoodthings

so also from april-august (which actually turned into april-october, because building a house never happens on schedule) we built our new home.  which will be our forever home because i am never doing that again!  it was really cool to come out and see the progress and watch it all come together.  and on october 9th she was all ours.  






we finally made it to getting some brick!  we thought this day would never happen.




hard to believe this is my kitchen.  i wasn't very good at visualizing where everything would go but fortunaltey there are professionals for that.

family room


my bathroom.  i love my bathroom.

and andrew's favorite place...the back porch.

had to put our mark in the concrete to make it ours

this driveway is already filled with lots of new neighborhood buddies.  we love it!

getting closer.  i think from this point on it felt like things were moving in slow motion.  especailly since i was driving the boys to and from school 45 minutes away.  it felt like we would never be done building but now it seems to have gone so fast. 


just a few more final touches and then we were given the keys!

just in time to take pictures for our christmas cards.  bo even made it into the shot.
we've moved1

i'd love to say that i have everything unpacked and put in the perfect spot but let's be real.  we still have boxes that we haven't opened yet.  life slows down for no one and the last few boxes have been pushed to the side to be dealt with later.  we had a wonderful first thanksgiving and christmas and before i knew it, it was 2016.  the boys are back to school (and work for andrew) and shelbs and i are back to our daily routine, whatever that may be.  so when thinking of what i could do this year as far as resolutions i decided that that usual of working out more (ha!) or staying organized (it's impossible) weren't going to happen.  but, i can make an effort to keep up with life more.  my goal is to at least make the 2016 edition of our blog a little heftier than the last few years.  goodbye 2015 ( a few weeks ago, but you know what i mean) and all good things and hello to 2016 to even better things!  

we've moved2


merry christmas!

i am finally coming up for air after the christmas festivities have finally died down some.  we are still opening toys and games and legos and princess dolls galore.  i feel like it will never end and my house will never look the same again.  life.  life with 3 kids means it will be march before everything is put away in a spot the makes sense.  oh well.  on day i'll be organized and put together.  today is just not that day.

this year was the year of minecraft, super mario brothers, avengers and anything frozen for the kids.  the boys still believe so it's so much fun to see them in awe of how santa can get what they want down the chimney and under the tree.  it will be a sad day when they don't believe anymore.  at least we have shelby (that's what brooks tells me when i complain that they are growing up too fast).  speaking of growing up, not only were we visited by santa but the tooth fairy also made a stop on christmas eve.  brooks finally lost his first tooth.  he's been wishing to loose one for a long time now, they just were being stubborn.  he yanked it out christmas eve afternnon and was so proud.  now his sweet little baby face just doesn't look the same.  he said he was so excited to have a "parent" tooth coming in.  he makes me laugh.

someone was NOT a santa fan.  not at all.

the toothless brooks

it may be a day late (story of my life these days) but i hope everyone who still reads this blog had a wonderful christmas and has a happy and safe new year.  we are looking forward to 2016!  



great grand kids with gram
my gram was one amazing lady.  she left this earth early this morning and we all are missing this wonderfully spirited woman.  she raised 6 kids, 19 grandchildren and too many to count right now great grandchildren.  she was never without cut up carrots and celery or a cup of coffee in her hand.  she was spunky and strong and loved to dance at all of our family weddings.  heaven gained the most incredible woman who i was lucky enough to call my gram.  now my angel gets to have her with him, so while we are all sad here they are having the most wonderful party where they are and that makes happy.


very thankful

we have a lot to be thankful for this year.  2015 was a year of all good things for the hess family.  we started off with carson's surgery that has given him so much more ability to do every day things that were very difficult for him before.  i am so very thankful for the doctor and nurses and staff in galveston, texas and so thankful for the random chance that i saw the exact procedure done on a kid just like carson on the show, the doctors.  actually, i'm pretty sure it wasn't random, i was meant to see that video and carson was meant to have that surgery.

we also sold our first house this year.  i am so very thankful for the 14 years we had in that house and all the memories we had but i am also very thankful that we found someone to buy it.  having a house for sale with 3 kids is not easy.  neither is building a house for 6 months while living with your parents.  but as much as i'm thankful that we have moved in i am so very thankful for parents who opened their doors and took us all in.  all 5 of us and our dog and our stuff.  and we had a lot of stuff.  a ridiculous amount.  but after a quick 6 months we finally got to move in to our new house that we put all our heart and soul into.  and i am so thankful that we trusted out gut and got the kids into this amazing school system.  we have been beyond pleased with our decision.  you never know how things will turn out but we feel like this was the best decision we could have ever made. 

but most of all, i am thankful beyond words for these three little turkeys.  how did we get so lucky?  these three are just amazing.  they each have their own little personalities that add so much to our family.  i am thankful for every minute i have with them.  happy thanksgiving!

we've moved4

we've moved5





hi, i'm olaf and i like warm hugs!

aunt megan has outdone herself again.  every year is better than the last.  this year we went with a frozen theme for shelbs.  it just made sense seeing that we watch frozen 47 times a day and she has to sleep and travel around with all her frozen toys, including a giant light up olaf.  we love olaf in our house and shelby made the cutest little olaf i have ever seen.  all good things, all good things!

olaf shelby1

does my hair look ok? 
olaf shelby2

oh, i've always wanted a nose.
olaf shelby3

some people are worth melting for and this little girl melts all of our hearts on a daily basis
olaf shelby4

this is her, "ok mom, enough pictures" look.  girl was ready to get some candy.
olaf shelby5

pay no attention to the bear on her butt. they were the only tights i could find so that her legs would be warm.
bear booty

not to be outdone, the boys were batman and optimus prime (which was a game time change up since we could not find his first choice amongst the mess in our house.  thank goodness target had something in his size left over for us slackers).  um, clearly optimus doesn't smile.  at least he doesn't when his mom makes him come in from playing to take stupid pictures. 
batman olaf optimus

and if you know carson, he loves a good costume.  he had this one down pat, batman voice and all.  so when i showed him my robin costume he nearly exploded with excitement.  his very own sidekick.  i'd back this little guy up anytime.


and the end of the night....poor shelbs didn't understand that she can't eat all of her candy at once.  i asked her to give me her candy bag and you would of thought i asked her to, well, give up all her candy.  mean mommy.  but it was pretty funny.  her tantrums crack me up.


poor little olaf, just needed a hug from robin