“If ever there is tomorrow when we're not together there is something you must always remember, you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. But the most important thing is, even if we're apart I'll always be with you.”

~Winnie the Pooh


she is two

i can't believe i'm typing this, our shelby cooper is two.  two!  the past two years have been so much fun with her in our lives.  she has brought all things girly.  bows, dresses, dolls, pig tails, and anything and everything frozen.  she also has brought all other things girly.  drama (at 2!), tantrums, tears for no reason and full on hissy fits.  i'm not kidding when i say i have never seen either of the boys act the way she does.  we all look at each other and laugh when she throws herself on the floor for no reason at all.  it is pretty funny and keeps us all on our toes.  thank you miss shelby for that. 

i think my most favorite part of having her around (besides all the fun girly stuff, which is way more fun than i ever thought possible) is seeing her idolize her brothers.  she watches their every move and tries to copy them as best she can.  she asks where they are all day long and waits for them to come home from school with the sweetest little face.  they kind of treat her like a little puppy for now, they'll pat her head or throw her a smile but then move on to what they're doing.  but i know that as they get older they will be her protectors and biggest fans.  it truly melts my heart to see how she loves them so much.   

she is the little light in our lives and has completed our family better than i ever thought possible.  happy 2nd birthday sweet girl, we love you with all our hearts to the moon and back! 

since she can't really answer the birthday questions i thought i'd answer for her. 

how old are you? 2! (while trying to hold up two fingers but not really knowing how to do it)
what makes you happy? my bubba's and twos (not sure how she started this but she calls her blankets, which she has three of, twos?)
what is your favorite animal? birdies
what is your favorite thing to eat? "mooshies" also known as smoothies
what is your favorite thing to do? play with my ana and elsa dolls
what is your favorite tv show? mickey mouse clubhouse
what are you really good at? coloring
what is your favorite movie?  duh, frozen
what is your favorite color?  pink
what is your favorite song?  duh, the frozen song.  we sing it 1,000 times a day
who is your best friend?  bubba and kan-nay (brooks and carson)
waht do you and your mom do together?  go outside and look for birds
what do you and your dad do together?  watch golf or football when mom is out
what is your favorite sport?  running around till i can't see straight
where is your favorite place to go?  anywhere outside
what is your favorite book?  frozen book
what do you want to be when you grow up?  elsa

how old are you shelby?  this is her trying to hold up 2 fingers, so cute!
i'm 2

somehow in the last few weeks she's gone from little baby face to toddler face.  it's killing me.  


she is still my shelby baby.

the other fun part of being two is insisting on picking out your accessories.  she had to wear her necklace and birdie shoes.  no arguing on that one.  girlfriend loves her shoes and jewels. 

 birdie shoes

i know one day she's going to let go and not grab a hold of my finger again so for now i will just soak up the sweetness of this little girl.  hearing her tiny two year old voice telling me, "mama, come on!" just about brings tears to my eyes.  she is so full of wonder and excitement and she wants all of us to be a part of it.  there is nothing better.  may she always want one of us (who am i kidding, i hope she always needs her mom there) by her side close enough to grab a hold of a finger.  
hold hands


these three

these three.  my little minions, my shadows, my middle of the night wake up calls, my wrestling partners, my loves.  life with them these days are so busy i don't have time to stop and think about how tired i am.  the boys and i basically live out of our car during the week and now that baseball has started for brooks, we spend most of our free time at the ball fields.  and in between all of that fun we are checking on our house daily.  we're so close to being done that it seems like things are moving in slow motion now.  only a few short weeks left to go and then we will have a house to call home.  all good things! 

i was going through my camera which was collecting dust and cobwebs and found these pictures i took back in july.  trying to get all 3 to cooperate and smile at the same time is near impossible.  even worse is getting shelby to stand still.  that doesn't happen anymore.  but it sure makes for some funny pictures.  and once in a while, a really good one. 

nailed it.  not.
all 3 fail

and again.  not.
all 3 fail2

shelbs thought bringing in a minion would make this photo shoot go better.  meet kevin!  the best part of this picture is carson's face in the background.  he looks at her like this all the time.  like she hung the moon.  melts my heart.
minion shelby

miss shelby cooper is a piece of work.  life with her is awesome.

this face makes me so happy.  i could kiss it all day long.

girlfriend got the eyelashes just like her brothers.  look out, daddy.  

peace out.  she's done.

ever hear of the term, "smile with your whole face?"  well, carson smiles with his whole body.  i've never met anyone who is so happy and positive about life.  he truly is one of a kind.  and he's ours.  lucky us.  
smiling carson


little southern girl

there is nothing cuter than a little blonde southern girl.  which is exactly what we have on our hands.  miss thing is as sassy and southern as they come.  i love her little personality and seeing her relationships with her brothers grow.  she adores carson and calls him "can-nay."  we're not really sure where that comes from but he is her "can-nay" who gives her whatever she wants and will do anything to make her smile. 

brooks, or bubba as shelby calls him keeps a watchful eye over her but also likes to push her buttons.  she runs to give him hugs and kisses and he runs away but he always gives in to make her happy.  and when she refuses to hold our hands in the parking lot she will never pass us holding bubba's. 

may he always be willing to hold her hand to cross the street. #bigbrothersarethebest

i love the way she says her name.  it's always with a little raise of the shoulder and a smile with the sweetest southern voice.  it comes out more like, "sheeeeellllll-be." so sweet!



it's hard to believe that something andrew and i have talked about for the last 3 years has actually happened.  last thursday the boys had their first day in second and first grade as buford wolves.  i just knew back when carson was in pre k that this is where we were meant to be.  it just took some work and time.  three years later we are here.  we already felt like part of the family which is a big reason we wanted to be a part of this school system.  i love their dress code (makes getting ready for school easy for this mom!), the teachers and staff are so friendly and seem genuinely happy to be a part of the school and the best part is that the boys are in the same school.  well, kind of.  brooks is in one building that houses the kindergarten and first grades and carson is in the other that has second through fifth.  but, once we move in they will ride the same bus, that stops at our driveway.  it all seems too good to be true.  i'm crossing my fingers and knocking on wood every chance i get.  but i think, and pray.  i pray a lot about it.  that this was the best thing we could of done for our kids.  not just for carson.  but for all 3 of them.  go buford!  go wolves!

happy first day!  we were all a little sleepy and kinda sad that summer was over, but super excited for our first day in our new school.  Untitled

my big boys.  how has this much time gone by?  second and first grade, watch out.  the hess boys are ready!

so andrew and i had to divide and conquer on the first day and i took brooks.  believe it or not, he was the one who needed a little more hand holding.  i think carson is so used to going to a new school every year it wasn't a big deal to him.  brooks on the other hand didn't really grasp the idea that none of his friends from last year were in his class.  don't worry, he's already made a best friend and has the little girls chasing him on the playground.  we are in trouble. 

and not to be left out, little miss wanted to do some work of her own.  she was busy all morning coloring a box.  she was super excited for school to start, that means she gets everyone at home to herself again.  but she sure does miss her "bubba's" during the day.
Another lefty?!

and probably the most exciting news of all (at least to me and andrew.  and my parents, since we have completely invaded their house till ours is built), we have walls!  it actually looks like a house on the inside.  all good things, slowly but surely, all good things.


happy heart day, #6

six years went by so fast.  funny, because the first 3, almost 4, months went by like we were stuck in quick sand.  brooks wasn't the easiest at first.  who can blame him?  he was in constant cardiac arrest.  who knew?  i can't really say what made me decide to take him in the the ER that monday morning.  maybe it was the fact that he hadn't eaten or slept in a good 72 hours.  maybe it was the fact that andrew or i couldn't take the constant screaming anymore.  i felt silly taking him in, thinking they were just going to tell me i had a colicky baby on my hands.  i remember talking to a friend on the phone on the way saying i was probably just going to be giving an acid reflux medicine and sent on my way but i had to do something.  i thank God everyday i did.  there are a few moments in my life that i will always remember and seeing the look on the x-ray tech's face is one of them.  in an instant i went from a overtired mom with a baby who wouldn't stop crying to a very serious heart baby's mom.  i remember every little movement made and also feel like i don't remember anything at all.  i remember lots of people rushing in and taking brooks from me, but i don't remember what they were telling me.  i remember telling a friend who called to see if he was ok, no.  he's not ok at all.  i remember an on call cardiologist talking to me but i have no idea what he said.  and then i remember taking an ambulance ride and realizing this was serious.  i never want to ride that fast in an ambulance again.

the best part is that brooks remembers none of it.  we all may remember how scared we were but brooks just knows that he's pretty amazing.  happy sixth heart day, bubba!

i don't think this will ever not bring tears to my eyes.  thank you egleston CICU nurses and dr. kirschbom for saving him.  we were so lucky to live nearby such an amazing hospital.  

and now check this little devil out.  i am so not ready for this kid to look so grown up.  not ready.  at all.  

thank goodness he's still a little goofy



but when he wants to be, he sure is sweet.

and cute.  he is a doll.


and this is his, i know i'm cute and you can't say no, look.

as much as he may drive us all nuts with his incredible stubborn streak (i thank his daddy for that one), he is one stinking cute miracle who has a heart of gold that works like a champ now.


summer fun

since we technically have no home i decided to make the most of it and bounce around as much as possible this summer.  we still have things to do and places to be around our "home" but for the most part we are free to roam.  we've made several trips to the lake, stayed downtown and have been to the beach so far.  i actually haven't unpacked our bags in almost a month.  it's kind of nice!  since our stuff is everywhere (and i do mean everywhere, we have stuff spread all over my parents' house, two PODS and one storage unit.  i couldn't find something if i wanted to.  if it's not packed in one of our overnight bags we'll see it when we move in to the new house.  which, who knows when that will be...the brick mason quit last week so we have yet to see a single brick laid.  not good when your whole house is brick.

so, to take our minds off of the house we packed up the car and headed to watercolr with some friends.  7 adults and 8 kids all in one beautiful house.  we had a blast.  we went to the beach every day, swam in the pool till dark and grilled out every night.  i could get used to living that way.  it was so fun having all the kids be together but really weird because for the first time our kids (the boys) were the oldest by a couple of years.  i'm so used to having the "little" ones that is was really strange seeing my boys up at 10 pm and not wondering what was wrong.  they were so good with all the little kids running around, it made me proud.  they were referred to as "the brothers" and it was so sweet to see the little ones looking up to both carson and brooks.  it sure made me feel old though.  eh, oh well.  i'll take feeling proud of how my kids are growing up over feeling old any day.

all 8 kids on the last night we were there.  it poured on us trying to get some pictures done but it made for a cute group shot.
all 8

brooks loving the beach

carson and his girlfriend, lily.  she loved him and it was so cute!
carson and lily

girlfriend loved the beach.  i'm pretty sure she ate enough sand to poop out a sandcastle.
I think she liked the beach!

andrew and brooks in the water

watching brooks and daddy in the water.

full on meltdown because i walked away for 5 minutes.  not sure what to do with this one.

girlfriend found a love for shoes while on the trip.  we now have a serious problem.
shelbys shoes

shelbys shoes2

snow cones one night for the boys.  they loved riding in the golf cart to go get them.  
Happy boys!

we had the best time, thank you so much kc and renata for sharing your beautiful beach home!
Sand and sun. ❤️


my sweet little shelby is getting so big so fast.  she's full of energy and loves to do anything her brothers are doing.  she is bound and determined to keep up with them.  we were out walking around my old neighborhood and brooks was way far ahead on his scooter.  she was running with the most determined look on her face saying, "see bubba.  i get him.  see bubba.  i get him."  she would not let me pick her and and carry her, she was doing it on her own.  that's my girl!

she's not as easy to follow around with my camera anymore but she sure is precious when i do capture her


her sweet little profile is the perfect mix of both the boys.  most people see brooks in her but i definitley see carson there, too.

shelby polka dot

shelby polka dot2