“If ever there is tomorrow when we're not together there is something you must always remember, you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. But the most important thing is, even if we're apart I'll always be with you.”

~Winnie the Pooh


go padres!

so, another t-ball season has come to an end.  yes, it was only our second season but i feel like we've been playing forever now.  between practices and games all weekend long and even some late night school night games i'm exhausted.  our little t-baller has really been transformed from a kid who could have cared less to one who told me he wanted to hit one, and i quote, "out of the park."  ok little one, let's just worry about hitting it out of the infield for now.  he really has improved though.  his throwing has gotten light years better (he throws left handed) and his hitting has gotten even better (he bats right, don't ask, we can't figure it out).  as long as he has something to work for like a trip to taco mac or ice cream after a hit, he's good to go.

his sweet little team was really good though.  they all worked together really well (the 3 kids who consistently hit home runs didn't hurt either) and through some really hard work they made it to the t-ball championship game.  i gotta say, most of the time i was pretty calm, except for the time brooks was up to bat and the bases were loaded.  thank God he hit his first triple that day!  other than that i was of the mind frame that as long as he tried he did a good job.  not this game though.  for some reason i really wanted to win.  maybe it was my inner competitive spirit coming out.  other than a good board game our boys could really care less about wining a game.  brooks really only cares about the snack and running around the field like a wild man after the game is over.  but this night was different.  i even went out and bought him new cleats with the hopes it would help him run faster than the slow mo speed he's been running.

i'll be darned if this kid didn't play like it was his mission along with all the other boys on the team.  they were making outs one after another (not our brooks, he still spends most of his time out in right field spinning around in circles.  but, he does back up first base like nobody's business).  it almost felt like that old book, casey at the bat.  his first two at bats he ended up hitting off the tee but running at lightening speed.  so fast that the parents on our team who know how he runs were all floored he ran so fast!  new shoes clearly did the trick.  but it was his third at bat that was the game changer, for brooks anyway.  he cracked a coach pitch harder than he ever has.  i honestly don't even know what base he ended up on i was jumping up and down with so much excitement.  my baby had hit the ball and hit it hard!  all of the time and exhaustion was worth it to see his sweet little face come in to the dugout after all those high fives from his coaches.  and in the end we were the champions.  the padres won 18-7.  it was an amazing game.  gotta love some baseball under the lights.

look at that sweet little #13.  what a doll.  

go padres!

getting his trophy
IMG_4262 from Lauren Hess on Vimeo.


almost walking

well, she hasn't quite taken off yet but she's getting there.  miss shelby is just as stubborn as her older brothers and wants to do things her way.  even though she's been taking steps they just aren't fast enough for her so she drops to her knees and crawls at lightning speed to where she wants to go.  usually to my pant leg to pull on it so i'll pick her up.  here's a little video of her trying out her sea legs the other night before a bath.  hence, the diaper look.  oh, and please excuse the mess behind her.   when i grow up i want to be organized and clean.  till then we'll just have to live with it.


party time!

i know that i'm a good two weeks late on getting these posted.  having 3 kids is kicking my butt.  there is no time!  however, brooks and i have had plenty of time to make it to world 8 on super mario brothers on the wii.  don't judge, you all know how much fun that sounds.  it's like i'm a kid again.  and it's not just me, andrew loves playing too.  we try to limit the time we spend playing but it's so darn addicting.  you just have to make it one more level.  so, between that and life itself i've lost track of time on the blog and haven't updated.

shelby is still working on walking.  she's up to about 10 steps until she plops down and takes off crawling.  she's so fast i don't think she wants to give that up yet.  and just today i noticed two more teeth coming in on the top.  i wouldn't of even noticed she was teething but she was laughing upside down and i saw them coming in.  so far, from about 4 months on, she has been such an easy baby.  we are so lucky she decided to get with the program.

the boys are both doing great in school.  they each had their field day/fun run this past week which about wore me out.  running between two different schools can get tricky.  we're still working on next year's plan.  the hopes are that they can both go to the same school, where that may be is still up in the air.  i'm just praying that we make the right decisions for both the boys.  i've said it before, but this parenting stuff is for the birds sometimes.  sheesh.

here are shelby's birthday party pictures.  the few that i took before her party actually started.  none from during the party.  i forgot to put someone on that for me.

she was not loving her cake.  look at that face!

i did a cake redo hoping she would dig in for me but it was still a no-go.  the cake sure was pretty though.



my baby girl is one!  she has given us a year of bows and ruffles and giggles and laughs and all things girlie.  the boys are so enamored by her sweet little smile (until she grabs their toys) and love cheering her on as she learns to do new things.  her daddy has been brought to a new level of "daddy."  i love seeing all my boys be mesmerized by this little princess.  and as much as she is a little princess she loves to get dirty too.  i've seen her clear a plate of barbecue while shoving it in with the back of her hand.  i've seen her lay face down in a baseball field of dirt and loving every minute of it.  all while wearing her hair bows and ruffles.  i love this little girl more than i thought i ever could.  she has completed our family perfectly.  we love you miss shelby cooper.  you are our little piece of heaven right here on earth.

happy first birthday, sweet baby girl!  may you have a lifetime of tutus and balloons!


she will be one!

this little princess will be one in 9 days.  how has a year already gone by?  she is the best little addition to our family and we could not of asked for sweeter baby girl.  i love this little face and all the wonderful things she brings with it.  9 more days and then we'll have a one year old.  yikes.  


brotherly love

i'm not sure if i've mentioned how much the boys love their sister.  ha!  i think i mention it almost every post.  they love her.  shelby is their pride and joy.  everything she does is simply amazing to them.  every new milestone is met with cheers from her brothers.  it is so sweet.  i caught this on my phone the other day when brooks was playing with shelbs.  as much as they love her, the love to tease her too.  especially brooks.  for now she thinks its funny but just wait till it causes a meltdown.  i'm not sure i'll think it's so cute then.   for now, this is so sweet...


funny things my kids say

i know that many of you (probably most) don't really think this is that funny but i've started to think that i will want these things written down so i don't forget them and since this is my baby book for all my kids you'll just have to read it and laugh.

this was yesterday on my way home with carson after yet another of his appointments.  this one was with the orthopedic surgeon.  we're looking at possible surgery for carson.  his hamstrings are only getting tighter as he grows and it is starting to affect some of his abilities.  it's something we knew he would eventually need it's just a matter of when.  and now there is a possibility of another surgery.  i'm not going to get into that too much right now, we need to be evaluated by the neurosurgeon to see if he is a good candidate for this specific surgery.  it's much more involved but more a a permanent solution.  carson is so capable and wants to do everything everyone else does.  i would do anything to make it easier.

anyway, as we were driving home and stuck in traffic i was thinking about all the appointments he has to go to.  how many times i've heard him ask me, "do i have to get botox shots this time?" with the most pitiful face to go with the sweetest little voice.  as i was thinking about all of this carson was in the back doing something silly.  i said, "carson, you sure are crazy" to which he replied, "crazy awesome!"  yes, you are buddy.

another carson-ism was the other night after andrew turned off the tv and put the boys in their beds.  carson was not happy about his show being ended so soon.  as i came in to say goodnight he said, "mom.  dad.  is being.  such a drag!"  i about fell off the bed i was laughing so hard.

brooks says funny things almost every day.  he's so curious and asks a million questions.  no joke.  a million in one day.  you can only imagine my enthusiasm by the end of the day.  but the other day after school he said to me, "mom, do you know that you can be checked out of school?"  now, never mind the fact that he has come with me for the last two years to check carson out early at school almost weekly.  i said, "what do you mean?"  he says, "a boy in my class got checked out and he got to leave school early.  can you come check me out?"

one other from brooks.  we've been working on using our manners.  we tend to forget them especially when we're talking to our mom.  that is coming to a quick end.  as i was reminding him to use his manners he says, "when i don't use my manners with you it's only because i forgot to."  oh, my bad.

oh, my boys.  they keep a constant smile on my face and possibly a few gray hairs on my head.  i love them so.  speaking of love look at this...

i took shelby's first birthday pictures this weekend (what?) and got a few with the boys.  i could not of asked for better big brothers than these two.  they simply adore this little girl.  it is such a special relationship each of them has with her.  carson is so gentle and sweet with her, even when she yanks his glasses off to chew on them.  and brooks, well, he is enamored with her.  simply thinks she walks on water and everything she does is beyond amazing.  but, he also roughs around with her, which she loves.  it's so fun to see her face light up when they walk by her.  they are her world.  i love it.  

just wait till you see the other ones i got of just shelby.  they are precious.  just think giant tutus, balloons, angel wings and a cupcake.  you'll die.  they are so cute.