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and then she was 4

four years ago our little family of four expanded to five.  but we didn't just gain another little person.  we gained a little girl who brought into our lives all things girly.  hair bows and princesses.  dolls and pink nail polish.  squeals of excitement and dress up.  but she is also her brothers' biggest fan.  her mommy's best friend.  daddy's little girl and one of the most independent, strong willed, determined little beasts i have ever seen.  four years ago we had no idea what we were missing until we heard your first cry (and then continued to hear it for a good 5 more months).  our lives would not be nearly as complete if you were not part of our family, shelby cooper.  may you always be curious, energetic, silly and sweet.  we love you to the moon and back to infinity and beyond.  happy birthday, baby girl.

her first birthday questionnaire.  she was watching me type her answers in and said, "mommy, you need to change the color to PINK, please."  she…

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