“If ever there is tomorrow when we're not together there is something you must always remember, you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think. But the most important thing is, even if we're apart I'll always be with you.”

~Winnie the Pooh


she will be one!

this little princess will be one in 9 days.  how has a year already gone by?  she is the best little addition to our family and we could not of asked for sweeter baby girl.  i love this little face and all the wonderful things she brings with it.  9 more days and then we'll have a one year old.  yikes.  


brotherly love

i'm not sure if i've mentioned how much the boys love their sister.  ha!  i think i mention it almost every post.  they love her.  shelby is their pride and joy.  everything she does is simply amazing to them.  every new milestone is met with cheers from her brothers.  it is so sweet.  i caught this on my phone the other day when brooks was playing with shelbs.  as much as they love her, the love to tease her too.  especially brooks.  for now she thinks its funny but just wait till it causes a meltdown.  i'm not sure i'll think it's so cute then.   for now, this is so sweet...


funny things my kids say

i know that many of you (probably most) don't really think this is that funny but i've started to think that i will want these things written down so i don't forget them and since this is my baby book for all my kids you'll just have to read it and laugh.

this was yesterday on my way home with carson after yet another of his appointments.  this one was with the orthopedic surgeon.  we're looking at possible surgery for carson.  his hamstrings are only getting tighter as he grows and it is starting to affect some of his abilities.  it's something we knew he would eventually need it's just a matter of when.  and now there is a possibility of another surgery.  i'm not going to get into that too much right now, we need to be evaluated by the neurosurgeon to see if he is a good candidate for this specific surgery.  it's much more involved but more a a permanent solution.  carson is so capable and wants to do everything everyone else does.  i would do anything to make it easier.

anyway, as we were driving home and stuck in traffic i was thinking about all the appointments he has to go to.  how many times i've heard him ask me, "do i have to get botox shots this time?" with the most pitiful face to go with the sweetest little voice.  as i was thinking about all of this carson was in the back doing something silly.  i said, "carson, you sure are crazy" to which he replied, "crazy awesome!"  yes, you are buddy.

another carson-ism was the other night after andrew turned off the tv and put the boys in their beds.  carson was not happy about his show being ended so soon.  as i came in to say goodnight he said, "mom.  dad.  is being.  such a drag!"  i about fell off the bed i was laughing so hard.

brooks says funny things almost every day.  he's so curious and asks a million questions.  no joke.  a million in one day.  you can only imagine my enthusiasm by the end of the day.  but the other day after school he said to me, "mom, do you know that you can be checked out of school?"  now, never mind the fact that he has come with me for the last two years to check carson out early at school almost weekly.  i said, "what do you mean?"  he says, "a boy in my class got checked out and he got to leave school early.  can you come check me out?"

one other from brooks.  we've been working on using our manners.  we tend to forget them especially when we're talking to our mom.  that is coming to a quick end.  as i was reminding him to use his manners he says, "when i don't use my manners with you it's only because i forgot to."  oh, my bad.

oh, my boys.  they keep a constant smile on my face and possibly a few gray hairs on my head.  i love them so.  speaking of love look at this...

i took shelby's first birthday pictures this weekend (what?) and got a few with the boys.  i could not of asked for better big brothers than these two.  they simply adore this little girl.  it is such a special relationship each of them has with her.  carson is so gentle and sweet with her, even when she yanks his glasses off to chew on them.  and brooks, well, he is enamored with her.  simply thinks she walks on water and everything she does is beyond amazing.  but, he also roughs around with her, which she loves.  it's so fun to see her face light up when they walk by her.  they are her world.  i love it.  

just wait till you see the other ones i got of just shelby.  they are precious.  just think giant tutus, balloons, angel wings and a cupcake.  you'll die.  they are so cute.  


i figured that the snotty picture of shelby wasn't the most appetizing thing to look at so here are some of her "serious" face.  she tends to look at everyone this way.  i always wonder what's going through that little head of hers.

and in case you were wondering about how everyone is feeling...shelby is still pretty congested but it's just a cold and teething for her.  she is quite a beast right now though.  she's usually pretty easy going and happy but she's pretty clingy and fussy right now.  boo to teething.  carson has caught the cold as of this morning.  colds are always fun with carson, it throws off his balance so much so he looks like a drunken sailer walking around.  poor kid.

brooks is a different story.  his breathing has gotten pretty bad and we've been using the nebulizer quite a lot to control his wheezing.  so we now are classified as "asthma" and he has his very own inhaler.  yay.  just kidding.  we've always known he had breathing problems and were told that technically he has asthma but now it's in his charts.  so between the two boys we have a ridiculous amount of medical "issues" that we have to treat and deal with.  listing all the meds we administer throughout the day would take a whole separate post!  whoever said boys were easy never met my two!  my girl is heads and tails above easier than the boys (for now)!

we like to make sure she can't escape

ah ha!  found a way out

so serious sometimes


sick bubba and sick baby

poor brooks and shelby are sick.  it only took two weeks of school for the germs to hit our house.  brooks tends to catch any and every germ that is out there.  i'm not sure if it's because of his heart problems or his lung that collapsed but we're constantly giving him breathing treatments.  so, brooks is home on his first "sick day" from kindergarten.  unfortunately, shelby has also caught some of the icky germs around this house.  she is also coughing and has a lovely runny nose.  so much fun for a baby.  she sounds just pitiful when she starts coughing.  poor baby girl.  but, no matter how sick she is she's still super cute.  so now i'm just killing time till their 3 joint doctor's appointment.  and so starts our frequent trips to the doctor with brooks.  let's hope shelby does not follow in his footsteps!

***warning*** gross snotty picture below!
poor shelbs!

playing on the stairs

we made a sick tent to try and keep someone busy.  it lasted all of 10 minutes.  brooks is not the easiest to be around when he's sick.  he becomes even more needy.  yay.

we decided to let shclby in since she's sick too.  but not for long because she messes things up (so says her big brother who never messed any thing up in his entire life).

fingers crossed that carson does not get this mess!  that's all i need is to have all 3 of them sick.  


poor 3rd child

this is how we entertain ourselves.  she actually loves it.  she loves her sleep blankie and plays with it all the time.  somehow she got it over her head and couldn't get it off.  it gave it all a good giggle.  poor shelbs.

i promise that no baby was harmed in the making of this video.


goodbye summer, hello kindergarten and first grade!

my two baby boys are off at their first days of kindergarten and first grade.  sniff sniff.  with a pit in my stomach i watched as brooks boarded the bus and gave me that look like, "why are you still out there?"  poor kid had no idea what to do with himself, where do i sit?  do i hold my book bag?  no i should put it back on.  no, hold it.  no, wait, i don't know.  who is this kid next to me?  why is my mom crying?  ugh!  fortunately, i made it to the school to see him get off and walked with him to his class.  i left him sitting at his seat starring.  i sure hope he has an awesome first day.

carson, on the other hand, was a different story.  as with most things we like to do it the hard way.  last night he was not feeling well at all, had been sleeping or in the fetal position most of the day.  when i called the doctor they felt like he needed to come in to the ER to be checked out for a possible shunt malfunction.  Long story short, a CT scan and X-ray series later he's ok.  his shunt is working just fine.  he probably has a virus of some sort or possible just a really bad upset tummy.  at least i'm not worrying his shunt isn't working.  by the time we got him home and in bed it was 11:30 pm so he got a little bit of a free pass and after waking up and seeing that he felt much better it was off to school he went.  carson is going to a different school than brooks, we're hoping and praying for only this year.  they have a smaller class for first grade and he can get a lot of one on one support.  our goal is to boost him up as much as possible so that he can have the skills and confidence to go into second grade, hopefully at the same school as brooks.  this was an extremely difficult choice for us to make but in the end we felt like it was the best one.  splitting the boys up is not something i wanted to do but it is what it is, for now.

so, here's to a great school year for both my little guys!  as for me and shelby, we've got a lot of time on our hands just us girls.  i'm sure we can find some trouble to get in to.