you are 10...

dear sweet carson,

today you turn ten years old.  double digits.  we've joked about this for about six months now, that i am just not willing to accept it and you'll have to stay nine.  you always laugh and tell me there is no way you are staying nine, it is time to be ten!  you have no idea what a gift these past ten years have been to this world with you in it.  your kind spirit.  your amazing smile.  your incredible sense of humor.  your knack for one liners that only you can deliver.  simply you.  you are our miracle.  our little 1 lb 15 oz fight like hell miracle.  you have let nothing keep you down since the day you were born.  you are our kind hearted, silly, superhero loving, bust a move to your favorite jam, pool party animal, ten year old.  you made us mom and dad and even though there have been some really, really hard times you have made it all so easy to do and oh so worth every single second.  we would do anything just to make you smile because even on the worst of days it can make us feel better.  we are so proud of the kid you have become and cannot wait to see what else you have in store for us because kid, we know it'll be something awesome!  

happy 10th birthday to the most amazing superhero we know.  






ten!  {sigh}


skillethead said…
Happy Birthday to my GREAT grand nephew!