happy 8 (or 18, i can't tell from these pictures)

dear brooks,

today is your 8th birthday!  8!  you have been asking if you could just tell people you are 8 for the last six months now.  you are always wanting it to be a day, a week, a month into the future.  always moving just ahead of the rest of us.  which makes sense as to why you had to come just early enough that your birthday comes before your older brother's.  you may push the boundaries here at home.  always wanting five more minutes, one more candy bar, one extra hug (it's hard to deny you that), one more turn.  you are a master negotiator which i guess you get from your daddy.  you push us to exhaustion.  but boy are you sweet.  your teachers tell us how you are such a good friend to everyone.  you are always willing to help and are always listening.  i see all these traits in you when you aren't looking here at home too.  you are always aware of your older brother carson and the trials he has.  just the other day when he was getting his first shot at home you were so fearful for him and for your sister you wanted her to come with you upstairs.  i know it was because you couldn't stand to see your brother upset or in pain.  you are sweet all the way down to your soul.  i couldn't ask for a better you. as i was looking at these pictures i took of you it took my breath away.  i can see exactly what you will look like as a young man and it makes me so proud to be your mom.  may you always have your sweet spirit and strong determination.  happy birthday to my baseball loving, play outside all day long, sweet, kind, stubborn, exhausting, lovable, best buddy brooks!  

"may you grow up to be righteous, may you grow up to be true, may you always know the truth, and see the lights surrounding you.  may you always be courageous, may you always be strong, and may you stay, forever young."  




and my favorite part of birthdays...the birthday questionnaire!  i love seeing what has changed each year.  fyi...the only constant is his favorite color.

brooks is 8