cutest little gymnast

after 3 years of watching her brothers do all kids of fun stuff shelby decided it was her turn.  i figured it would be good for her to have a little class of her own and also get her used to following direction from someone other than me.  so of course we had to get her the most precious little leotard out there, and throw her in her little gym.  she was so excited to go the her "ninja" class (the boys go to ninja class at the gym and she comes to watch) she wore her leotard for two days.  it's not east to explain to a 3 year old that she still has two days till her turn.  friday morning came and we got dressed and then refused to go in.  after a few minutes of me standing in the corner though, she forgot all about her fear of being more that three feet away from me and actually had fun.  it is the most precious thing to see her running around trying to do all the things everyone else is doing.  we've been three times now and every time she does not want me to leave the room but then forgets all about me once the fun begins!

little bit dressed and ready...two days early.

first class sitting on her little spot.  she refused to move or do any of the warm up exercises.  stubborn little thing.

how could we resist this little leotard?  it's just like elsa!


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