We are Home Take 2

Ok, this time it is for good! At least I hope so. We were finally discharged this afternoon. Why do they come in at like 7 am and tell you that you can go but then don't officially let you leave till several hours later?! Oh well, the point is that we are home. His chest x-ray from this morning looked great. No pockets of air or anything fishy like that. Let's just hope it stays that way. I'm still a bit nervous because no one can explain what really happened with his lung. They said it was a freak thing. In fact, last night our nurse said they had his x-ray pulled up from when we came in on Sunday morning. She said we should really look at it because it was pretty impressive and no one can figure out how it got there? My boys are just always over achievers! Well not any more. We are going to follow that "normal" category as much as possible from now on, or at least try. I have some cute pictures from this go round at the hospital that I will post later. Off to take a real shower! How I have missed my home! Thank you again for all the prayers. We still need them for a strong heart!


Uncle Lawrence said…
Andrew and Lauren,
We know that Brooks and Carson will go and grow and the two brothers will support and care for each other. We will find a way to get to Atlanta to help with sharing and caring. In the meantime, Elliot is moving to San Diego August 31.
Love, Lawrence & Suzanne
Yay!!! Glad you guys are back! We would love to bring you guys some dinner one night...we'll catch up and figure out a good night! We are praying for you guys! So glad that you finally have some really promising news!!! :)