Our First Cardiologist Appointment

Brooks had his first appointment with his cardiologist today and all went well! He was very pleased with the way he looks. He also had put on some weight and is now 10 lbs 10 ozs! What a chunk! He did not think that an echo needed to be done at this appointment because one was done not too long ago at Egleston. I kind of wanted one done just to compare but I did feel good that the doc thought he looked good enough not to do one. He did want to keep his x-ray because it was "text book" in showing what an enlarged heart looks like. Glad we could help out. All in all it was a good appointment. I really liked the doctor which is good because we will be seeing him quite a bit. I also asked about taking Brooks to the lake and he said..."well...I suppose, but no water skiing!" I like a doctor with a sense of humor! Thanks for the prayers!


Avery Tales said…
There's nothing better than a brilliant doctor with a great sense of humor. I'm happy to hear that Brooks received a good report and that life is calming down around the Hess house. :)