Update on Brooks

Well he has had 1 oz of pedialyte since 2 am...I am just not sure what to do with him. He just cries and cries till he is so tired and then he just whimpers and moans. I can not even get his medicine down him without him getting so upset, chocking, and then throwing up which I am guessing defeats the purpose of the medicine? I was up all night long waiting for him to wake up so I am also exhausted. We're just don't know what to do next, stick it out, back to the doctor, or a trip to Children's Healthcare...ahhh parenting.


Rebekah said…
So sorry to hear about Brooks! I know you guys must be exhausted! We were having issues with Mason during his first few months and our pediatrician sent us to have an ultrasound on his belly to make sure his stomach was developing properly. I don't remember what it's called, but apparently it is a condition that is more commonly found in boys. It may be worth asking the pediatrician if you haven't already explored that idea. I hope this gets resolved soon!
Lauren & Andrew,

Extra prayers are being sent your way: for Brooks & both of you (& Carson, always).

Love Uncle Mike & Lisa