BPH Baptism

Our little guy was baptized this Sunday! We had a beautiful day with only minor crying during the service. As we were standing up Carson started pointing at me and then when he saw me leave with Brooks (because I could feel a melt down coming on and I didn't want the entire congregation to have to hear it!) he started saying, "mom...pleeese, mom...pleeeeessssseeee" so Aunt Cameron brought him out too.

We were so lucky to have so many family and friends there to celebrate with us. Andrew's aunt and uncle came from the Maryland/Virgina area along with his cousin Sarah. Aunt Cameron also flew in from Texas! We also had the Dyes, Moore, Perkins, Hogan, and Marshall family celebrating with us. Thank you everyone for celebrating such a special day with us! There are several posts with lots of pictures!

The little family. Brooks is wearing the same outfit Carson wore when he was baptized.

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