Halloween Pics

Some pics from Halloween night. See if you can guess who Carson is...

Getting ready

Putting our medals on.With Aunt Megan who made the speedo swimsuit.

Go USA! Excuse the pained look on my face but I did something to my back just before trick-or-treating and have been in pain ever since. It must have something to do with turning 30 this week!

With his "goggles" on.

With fairy princess Bailey.

He was fascinated with the wings.

Done for the night...did you guess who he was?

Michael Phelps!!


The Solomons said…
This is awesome!!!! What a great idea...he is too cute!!
Gary and Summer said…
that is the funniest costume idea I have seen yet! love it!
Megann Cain said…
too cute! I love the costume idea....he pulled it off well.:)