30th Birthday Weekend

After celebrating my real birthday on Thursday with a nice dinner out with my husband (courtesy of the babysitting services of Andrew's parents, thank you!) at one of my favorite restaurants, Aqua Terra, we headed up to the lake to continue the festivities. We were joined by the Moore family (my surrogate family growing up!) for dinner at the Silver Moon followed by cake and games back at the house. Thanks everyone for a wonderful weekend! I could not have asked for a better time!

My 30 beautiful roses Andrew gave me.

Andrew and Carson ready to go out to dinner with everyone.

Me and my little man (who was obviously more fascinated with something else other than taking a picture).

Me, Ashley, and Megan

A happy birthday kiss from my buddy.

The family, plus one more in April!

Daniel, Andrew, Carson, me, Ashley, and Megan

Ready to get home and play some games!

My yummy birthday cake.

It was the only way I was going to be able to drink a margarita for my birthday!

Everyone playing Wii bowling.


Aunt Suzanne said…
Congratulations, congratulations! How wonderful that Carson will be able to be a big brother to another brother. Imagine, you are now "over the hill." I'm sure that sometimes in the past two years you have felt much older than 30, and I'm sure that both you and Andrew are wiser than many 30 year olds based on your experiences of the past two years, but now the calendar proves it.
It sounds as if all is progressing wonderfully. I love Carson's little glasses, especially with his Halloween costume.
Love, Aunt Suzanne and Uncle Lawrence
PS Great flowers, Andrew
Avery Tales said…
Happy Birthday! It looks like you had a great one! I love that cake! It's too cute! So glad you're feeling well.
Kris Petrelli said…
Happy 30th Birthday!! Welcome to the club!!